Why must we be creative?


Well, because if we’re not, that means that we’ll just be stuck as we are. We will always be content with what we have, and not wonder if we can create or find some new-fangled contraption or design or idea that can make our already-oh-so-complicated lives just a little bit more simple.

A certain someone once said (I forgot who, it was definitely one of the lecturers at SBM though), that he thought Steve Jobs was one of the most creative people on the planet. Whatever he designed, whatever he threw to the market, would be selling off the racks within seconds. And the most absurd thing about it wasn’t even about the sales statistics, it was the fact that the things he designed weren’t really needed by anybody. Nobody really needed the iPod or the iPhone. They just wanted it. Why did they want it? Well, that comes from the jenious factor or Steve Jobs himself, who could make people want something they don’t even need. He should be our guest lecturer about advertising or marketing or something, I think.

What I found interesting about my lecturer’s opinion is, that according to him, if we create something that is not necessarily in demand, it just might become huge and be a world wide success. That depends on the response of the people toward the something-new that is being presented. I guess people don’t really know what they need until it’s in front of their nose.

Anyway, back to creativity, I guess there’s no question or doubt as to if we need to be creative, I think the real question is how to be creative.


2 responses to “Why must we be creative?

  1. Great!
    I think we need both: why and how about creativity.
    what do you think?
    thank you…

  2. I think so too.
    Lots of people know that it’s important to be creative. Its just that not all people are blessed with being creative.

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