what goes first.

i think, one of the greatest invention of all time, is facebook.

i bet 10 years ago, people wouldn’t be able to understand what all the hype about facebook is all about. however, right now facebook is one of the first things that many people, yes including me, open up when they first browse the web.

so what exactly is so special about facebook?



in my opinion, one of the main things that make facebook (and all other internet-based networking sites) so popular, is that it connects you with people via a digital world. you dont have to meet this person to have social interaction with them. for all you care, you dont even have to know them. you can introduce yourself and get to know each other online.

my favourite things about facebook is, that each user can customize his/her profile to whatever whim they fancy. the contents of the profile, the order that the applications are viewed, and even who gets to view what, can be set to the user’s preference.

so, not only is it a representative of someone in the internet world, it also serves as a communication media. you can write wall posts, and reply to your friends and stuff.

i think its brillian.

i guess that’s why sbm banned facebook from 7am-5pm. it’s used so much that it takes up too much bandwidth or something.


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