current obsession part 1

so.. at the moment, my current obssessions are:

1. monkeys. so cuute… especially the beanie-filled ones, hahahaa

2. my cdma number – at a flat rate of Rp. 5000,- a month, i can sms and call to a certain number all i want, bwahahaa

3. Meteor Garden – dunno why i suddenly wanted to watch this again, its like, so 5 years ago. but whatever, i think its still cool and total applicable to our – i mean my, everyday life.

4. tamagotchi – its really really cuute, and plus there’s a website where i can play to get more gotchi points so i can buy that sailboat that costs 4500 gotchi points

5. my organizer – there’s just so much stuff to do, assignments, classes (believe it or not, i haven’t memorized my schedule yet), little things like returning library books, and stuff.

so.. there it is..

suggestions, anyone?


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