quiz : creative company

in my opinion, an example of a creative company is blitzmegaplex.

blitzmegaplex is a theatre in PVJ that has amazing sales. on regular days, sure maybe they dont have that much customers. but on saturday night, when one ticket is rp 25,000, it is practically sold out, all except probably the first row tickets (because watching there sort of gives u a headache).

i think that what makes blitzmegaplex so successful is not only are they adjoining with one of the most hot and popular malls in bandung, they also provide movies that are not in any other theatres in bandung. for instance, blitz shows movies like 4bia and body #19, and the newest one is missing. granted, they are asian movies (thailand and taiwan) but they offer a very nice alternative to the viewers of indonesia that want to watch horror movies but are reluctant to watch indonesian horrow movies that are somewhow, in my opinion, rather below the standard of special effects and story. besides non-blockbuster asian horror movies, they also show other indie films that offer a fresh variety from the usual top-notch, glamorous, car-crashing hollywood box office movies.










Besides for the smart movie picking, i think it also helps that they have a large and spacious atrium that further emphasizes the reputation that it is prestigious and luxurious place to hang out.


One response to “quiz : creative company

  1. skipydippydoodahday

    it comes with the territory of messing with me, dude..

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