Creativity and Innovation idea

Its the holidays and everybody is on vacation, including my dad. However, even though he was technically on vacation, he still had office stuff to do. He was constantly on the phone with his work collagues. At the time, he was not using his usual mobile phone number. He said that he changed it momentarily because he was annoyed at all the people calling him, mostly his staff members, that constantly bothered him with work stuff or requesting favors because they claimed it was the holiday and that the needed ‘help. I noticed that he had to change his mobile phone number, and it gave me an idea.

A whole other story is that, currently I am bringing two mobile phones with me. One is GSM and one is CDMA. I carry the CDMA one, even though only one (very special) person knows the number, because it is much more inexpensive to call and text message to that person’s number using the CDMA number. Besides, it is nice to have on number (or phone) that only one person knows, so that I know who is calling if that mobile phone rings. It is a bit inconvenient if i have to bring two mobile phones with me everywhere i go. I cannot carry them in my pocket, because it is too big to carry two mobile phones in my pocket. And i have to always remember that im carrying two mobile phones, if not i will probably lose one of them. (already did that, got in HUGE trouble).

I had a vague idea in the future, that everybody would just have one mobile phone number, only one channel and one device that they would have to carry around with them everywhere they go. However, to other people, they would be different numbers, depending on the level of importance, or what catagory that person belonged to. For instance, as my dad’s daughter, i would belong to the FAMILY catagory. My dad’s staff (who constantly kept on calling him) would be in the STAFF catagory. If my dad wanted privacy or he did not want to receive calls from them, then using this highly sophisticated mobile number, he could block out all calls from the STAFF catagory. However, since he only blocked out the STAFF catagory, i would still be able to call him to his current number because i am not included in that catagory.

I know it is a little complex, and im not really sure that there exists such technology to enable all that stuff. But who knows? We didn’t think that walking on the moon or talking through laptops were possible but somehow we made it happen.


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