My Dream Store

My sister and I were looking at some notebooks the other day. Real notebooks, with binders on them. Not laptops. Anyway, we were browsing for books that we could use for classes or just for fun to write down little notes or something. However, we couldn’t really find one that fit either of our tastes. Either they were too small, too big, too thin or too thick, the rings were too small, the pages had weird little lines or color on them. The list was endless. In the end we didn’t get any notebooks. Then i thought, what if there was a bookstore that provided the customers with their own make-your-own-notebook corner! It would be so fun! Each customer would be able to pick their own notebook cover, their own kind of paper, the spacing of lines on the paper, the color of the paper, the size of the rings, what kind of cover would it have, paperback or hardcover.. it would be so cool! Everyone could buy a  notebook that would fit their own taste, and be customized to their exact preference. No more shopping to buy a notebook and coming out empty handed just because none of them suited my taste.


I guess somewhere in this world a store would already have this kind of service.. or maybe not. I don’t know. It’s somewhat like Dell Computers, who receive exact customization for the computers that they sell, and then they ship it right away to the customers. The customers get the exact specificatins that they want. It’s perfect.


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