bubbly bubbly

so me, okky, burung, karin, and dilla were over at my place, supposedly intending to do our managerial accounting group work, which we did not end up doing. me and okky got hungry, so we decided to make some spicy chicken wings. i told okky, “ya udah bikin gih” and she said that she didn’t like making chicken wings because she didn’t like the way the oil would bubbling and muncrat.

and i was like, whaat? and then i told her to pour the oil. i got out the chicken wings and started to cook them. then, it happened. the oil was bubbling, and the chicken wings started to look pretty yummy, when the oil splashed up and got on my hand. it was really hot!! good thing it didn’t burn my hand. then, okky and i thought, hmmm it would be really cool if they sold a cooking utensil that could be used to turn over the chicken wings, or whatever you were cooking, but it had a little umbrella on its handle, so the hand that was holding it would be protected from the oil that was splashing up.

hmmm, i think it would be a cute item. i mean, im sure there’s lots of people out there that are reluctant to cook cause they afraid of the hot oil.


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