other choices

you all have friendster accounts, right?

well, you know how you have to fill in your relationship status on friendster?

to me (well, this is purely my opinion, seeing as it is my blog), the list goes like this:

this is what it looks like

this is what it looks like

1. single – a little pathetic, i mean, are you completely isolated on an island in the middle of nowhere and have no access to human social interaction?

2. in a relationship – well, good for you!

3. domestic partner – umm, as dora would say, play safe. (people, you do know what this means rite? well, for those who don’t, it means that you are currently under the same roof as your boyfriend/girlfriend, or whoever you are sharing a romantic relationship with)

4. married – okay, either you love your boyfriend/girlfriend too much, your parents are a little paranoid, or u might be a liiitle too old to be playing around on friendster.. hmm, what do you think? or, u really are maried for some reason, i do have a couple friends that are already married. but that’s 1 in a thousand people.

5. it’s complicated – now, this is what people like me resort to, a couple of months ago, when we had no other choice.


now, i think that they should add two more status choice. you know, for people who aren’t quite clear and resolute on where they are, or who love but are not tied-down, or who are hiding their relationship but don’t want other people to know. you never know, rite? i think they should add the status :

6. single but unavailable – yes, jackpot.

and the second status i think they should add is,

7. “sedang berjuang” or something, im not quite sure how to put it in english, besides it might scare off your future boyfriend/girlfriend when they see your profile, but i still think that they should add a status for people who are getting there, or trying to. you know?


4 responses to “other choices

  1. Hmm……..Kayak2nya tau nih mengenai situasi seperti ini…..Hehehe…..

    Jadi ga rencana tgl 23 nih,Poopoo???

  2. skipydippydoodahday

    honey, domestic partnership means your homosexual or gay if u prefer..

  3. really? i thought ‘domestic’ means, you know, like rumah tangga or something, haha…

  4. ushie, ga ada yg pas buat gw!!

    gmna kalo tambahin satu lg?
    mm “sedang dikejar-kejar banyak lelaki tapi bingung mau yg mana” that’s my category 😀

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