laptop batteries

i once had to drag around a heavy laptop, with its charger, everywhere i went, because i didn’t know that charging the batteries of a laptop, when its already full, will ruin the battery.
even though i have a new one now (Alhamdullah) but i still, seldomly, leave it on charge, usually if i fall asleep. i try not to do it when im awake, i always check the state of the battery when i can, but i really cant help it once im asleep, and those who know me, will know that i tend to fall asleep, rather than to go to sleep.
so, i think that a technology should be invented, dunno if it already exists or not, to stop the charger from charging when the battery is already full.
im not really a whiz about computers and electronic gadgets and stuff, but maybe if there could be an alert that is signaled from the laptop to the charger when the battery is full, and then the charger would simply stop charging.


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