My Favourite Weather

It’s drizzling outside. I can hear the soft pitter-patter of raindrops as they hit the road below and the roof of the satpam post. i open my balcony door, one is wide open. The cold cool air swishes in, but im safe in a pile of blankeys on my bed, the internet cable from my desk is pulled to its maximum length so i can use the internet even when im on the bed (true, someone could be unaware and walk past my desk and pull the cord, but i put a chair in there so they can see the cable). i have a cup of hot chocolate (cadbury, 3 in 1) in my hand, i used the green plastic cup, the same cup that was used last night, only i fell asleep so i didnt drink the hot chocolate when it was still warm.

It’s getting a little cooler, my feet are cold. Im pulling the blankey up to my chin.


Nitey nite.


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