The Most Creative Person In The World

In my opinion, one of the most creative people in the world is Paris Hilton.

Why, you say?

Im just stating facts here: Paris Hilton has no talent whatsoever. She cant sing. She’s not that pretty. She doesn’t have a bootylicious body either. But, to date, she makes an average of $7 million a year (not including from her Hilton will), she has produced 7 perfumes, several movies, a singing career (her second album will come out soon), a booming sex video, a reality TV show, a rockstar boyfriend, and worldwide fame.

How does she do it?

Well, I think that she became a household name since her booming video, One Night in Paris, that was allegedly distributed by her then-boyfriend Rick Solomon. After that, her career and fame rocketed like a fourth-of-july fireworks display, spreading to all possible subjects of the entertainment business.

She accepted an offer to record an album, and a reality TV show, “The Simple Life” an ironic statement considering the main stars of the show was Paris Hilton, and daughter of legendary singer Lionel Richie, Nicole Ritchie, both girls notoriously known for their wild partying, revealing fashion, and unorthodox behavior. However, the show was a hit, and summoned a legion of fans.

So, who’s to say that you can only work with what you have? You gotta do that and more to live the life of a Paris Hilton.


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