Current Obsession Part. 3

Yeah. So. This week its…

1. Ringed notebooks.

Currently its the ones that have tear-away pages. I just realized that I have 6 of those, the ones that the pages can be torn away. I dont know, maybe its the same with lipgloss too. I can never have enough. I know that its unhealthy, but I cant help it. Same like Mom and her bags. Or tupperware. OMG im turning into my mom.

2. CF

I dont know why but im obsessed about understanding CF. Ever since the lecturer changed the teaching techniques, im determined not to let the past half-semester repeat itself. Ive gotta do it right this time.

3. Pet Society.

Cute little.. um, creatures. Shopping. Dressing up. Blame Okky. Enuff said.

4. Wi-Fi

I have internet at the kosan,  but somehow the thought of actually doing any assignments in my room, is just impossible. I cant do it. So, I gotta do what I gotta do, which is find internet connections elsewhere, anywhere. Anywhere except my room, that has a really comfy and luring bed, and Disney Channel.

5. Cupcakes


I really like the ones at Cupery, near Public Affair.

Cant wait for Sunday!!

yaaay ^^


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