so it has caught my attention that i seem to be wearing the same shoes over and over again for the last couple of months.
therefore, i’ve decided to get some new shoes!
i bought some store-bought ones, but there was a certain shoe idea that caught my eye.
there are these shoes that you can customize to be painted with pictures! i dont know since how long theyve been around but they seem pretty cute..
if i made some, i’d want them to be painted like this:

from puma i think

from puma i think

the shoes that can be painted are Vans-like, and i dont know how it’ll look on my feet. you know, some kind of feet look good in one kind of shoe but look horribly wrong in another kind of shoe. like mine, for instance.

things to do today:

– start working on my term paper for Service Marketing

– go to Grapari Telkomsel to find out what i need to make a new Halo number

– sleep.


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