Its this new series that I’ve been watching. I might actually be quite left behind, seeing as how they’re already starting season 4, and I’ve only just started.

Anyways, the series revolves around the lives of one gang of teenagers in England, and the tagline is, They’re just your average teenagers. or something like that. Its basically about the same things that you could possibly imagine in teenage series; boyfriends, girlfriends, getting backstabbed, stepfathers who are 5 years older than you, that kind of stuff. But what really kept me on the hook was the breathtaking fashion sense, alarming amount mascara and eye make-up on the girls, and of course, the Brittish accents. I’ve been watching without subtitles, and at first it was rather annoying, but I think I sort of got the hang of it.

Albeit, they do have a lot of swearing, and nudity. It fits with the title of the series, I guess. But thats not the main focus of it. Its just nice to see something thats not totally polished with sets that have matching pillow cases and eternal happy endings. Well, just once in a while. Then after too much Skins, I just turn on the tv and swith to Disney Channel.


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