4 days were not enough

So, predictably, I did not get to make brownies.
Despite the very fun -but brief- shopping spree with my mother where we went crazy for cooking utensils.
Since brownies don’t really need that much cooking accessories, we got what we didn’t have yet: a mixer, a scale, one of those filter things you use to smooth out flour or sugar, and a whisk.

Since I’m going home next week, I’m definitely planning to make the brownies then!!!!
Can’t wait!!

Anyway, since I can’t blog or brag about the brownies (that I didn’t get to make) I figured I would discuss about something else…

So, I’ve been in this city for 7 months now, and that’s a pretty long time to me. Yet, it somehow hasn’t grown on me yet. I still find myself eagerly waiting for the weekend, not because I don’t have to go to work, but because it means that I get to go home to Gerlong.

Ahh, Gerlong. Just stepping into my room and taking a deep, deep breath, I would already feel calm. I used to take for granted that house and everything in it, and now all I want to do is go home. Home, home, home.


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