Who is ushiechan?

Well, for starters, nobody really calls me ushiechan.

I enjoy spending time in my kosan. My housemates are great. We have a lot of fun together.

I’m proud of my school, I go there not only to have fun with my friends but also learn a little while I’m at it.

I used to dream of being a NASA scientist, you know the ones with sophisticated white lab coats and jazzy computers? Ever since I went to the Kennedy Space Center. It was beautiful. Unfortch, my dreams quickly dissolved after I found out in high school that I was lousy at physics.

Life is not fair.

Currently, I love the number 23. I’m obsessed with downloading hidden-object games through the intenet. I’m also on the hunt for the yummiest sate padang in Bandung.


So there.


2 responses to “Who is ushiechan?

  1. skipydippydoodahday

    i finished my “queen bee” read it and ignore the grammar, cause I’m pretty sure i made couple of mistakes in there
    embrace the essence of impulsiveness.. (??)

  2. Hi my lovely cousin!!

    nice blog 🙂
    Keep writing.

    Miss you sist!

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