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Its the attack of the Dorama

I am currently obsessed with Oguri Shun.
He’s this japanese actor who you might recognize in the people-version of the Detective Conan movie, and the guy who played Hanazawa Rui in HYD. I know its really cheesy and totally, like, 3 years too late. But, after I did some internet researching, turns out the dude’s not just a bimbo with a pretty face in the Japanase entertainment industry. He’s got some cool credentials, even though he never graduated high school. Its nice to know there are Asian people that we can look up to.


Current Obsession Part. 3

Yeah. So. This week its…

1. Ringed notebooks.

Currently its the ones that have tear-away pages. I just realized that I have 6 of those, the ones that the pages can be torn away. I dont know, maybe its the same with lipgloss too. I can never have enough. I know that its unhealthy, but I cant help it. Same like Mom and her bags. Or tupperware. OMG im turning into my mom.

2. CF

I dont know why but im obsessed about understanding CF. Ever since the lecturer changed the teaching techniques, im determined not to let the past half-semester repeat itself. Ive gotta do it right this time.

3. Pet Society.

Cute little.. um, creatures. Shopping. Dressing up. Blame Okky. Enuff said.

4. Wi-Fi

I have internet at the kosan,  but somehow the thought of actually doing any assignments in my room, is just impossible. I cant do it. So, I gotta do what I gotta do, which is find internet connections elsewhere, anywhere. Anywhere except my room, that has a really comfy and luring bed, and Disney Channel.

5. Cupcakes


I really like the ones at Cupery, near Public Affair.

Cant wait for Sunday!!

yaaay ^^

current obsession part 2

at the moment, im crazy about..

1. popo, my poor monkeypoo whose always abused by everybody,

be brave popo..

2. my laptop, woohoo! i no longer have to wait for 5 minutes for it to turn on and load.

it looks something like this

it looks something like this

3. minimax, this cute little mini theatre where you can watch movies or karaoke.

4. people’s status message on facebook

5. scrambled eggs! yumm yumm, the first place winner is currently the one from pancake parlour from the omelette menu.

yumm yumm

yumm yumm

current obsession part 1

so.. at the moment, my current obssessions are:

1. monkeys. so cuute… especially the beanie-filled ones, hahahaa

2. my cdma number – at a flat rate of Rp. 5000,- a month, i can sms and call to a certain number all i want, bwahahaa

3. Meteor Garden – dunno why i suddenly wanted to watch this again, its like, so 5 years ago. but whatever, i think its still cool and total applicable to our – i mean my, everyday life.

4. tamagotchi – its really really cuute, and plus there’s a website where i can play to get more gotchi points so i can buy that sailboat that costs 4500 gotchi points

5. my organizer – there’s just so much stuff to do, assignments, classes (believe it or not, i haven’t memorized my schedule yet), little things like returning library books, and stuff.

so.. there it is..

suggestions, anyone?