so it has caught my attention that i seem to be wearing the same shoes over and over again for the last couple of months.
therefore, i’ve decided to get some new shoes!
i bought some store-bought ones, but there was a certain shoe idea that caught my eye.
there are these shoes that you can customize to be painted with pictures! i dont know since how long theyve been around but they seem pretty cute..
if i made some, i’d want them to be painted like this:

from puma i think

from puma i think

the shoes that can be painted are Vans-like, and i dont know how it’ll look on my feet. you know, some kind of feet look good in one kind of shoe but look horribly wrong in another kind of shoe. like mine, for instance.

things to do today:

– start working on my term paper for Service Marketing

– go to Grapari Telkomsel to find out what i need to make a new Halo number

– sleep.


I’ve been tagged!

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i was browsing facebook in peace, when i read my name on a note from ical. hyaaaaa dikirimin postingan-blog berantai. yasuuw daripada kenapa-napa, mulailah usi mengarang indah..

1. cant speak indonesian

yg udah kenal usi agak lumayan lama pasti tau klo usi pernah lupa bahasa indonesia SAMA SEKALI berhubung SD di luar, jadi maklum saja klo lagi ngomong apaa gitu, trus tiba2 berenti ngomong trus, “duh, apa sih bahasa indonesianya, lupa”. habis, bagi usi lebih sulit ngomong bahasa indonesia, harus mikir dulu dikit baru bisa ngomong, haha

2. obsessive compulsive disorder

when i want it, i have to get it, right away, contoh yg paling baru adalah tiba2 usi ngidem kangkung terasi dengan amat sangat, dan menelpon semua org yg kira2 tau tempat makan yang punya menu kangkung. i cant help it. when i want something, i have to do everything i possibly can to get it, before i give up. kalo ga gitu, blum bisa pasrah dan menyerah dengan hati tenang..

3. i cant say NO

whenever someone asks me to do something or go somewhere, if there is even the teensiest possibility that i can fit it into my schedule, i say YES. of course, this usually means that i end up doing a lot of stuff and with a really packed schedule, running here and there trying to fulfill all my promises. unfortunately, kadang-kadang ada janji yang ga sempet dipenuhi dan jadinya malah mengecewakan org yang bersangkutan, maaf ya bagi yg pernah ^^

4. disney channel

anak-anak kosan, anak-anak tutor, atau yg pernah ngobrolin gosip artis bareng, atau yg pernah k kosan usi, pasti TAU, this is my over-grown obessesion. i know its for little kids, or at least tweenies or something, tapi menurut usi menonton disney channel itu sangat menenangkan. they have some pretty cool cartoons, and everyone could do with a little more happiness and cheer, like in the disney channel where the Totally Spies team always manages to save the day, or laugh at Selena Gomez’s geeky on-screen brother, or just simply watching something that will always have a happy ending. it soothes me.

5. world-class procrastinator

Procrastinate, according to the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary, it is defined as to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done. and that is exactly what i do. i cant help it. its second-nature to me. if i dont like doing something, like, lets say, tugas besar Corporate Finance, ngerjain tugasnya itu diundur-undur (dengan bermain Pet Society) sampe tinggal 3 jam, padahal tu tugas terdiri dari berhalaman-halaman excel yg ribet dan analisa tiada ujung. akhirnya usi malah heboh dan panik sendiri dan seringkali terpaksa pasrah dengan kerjaan yang seadanya.

6. cant remember my own schedule

this is not something im proud of. pelupa parah, apalagi tentang masalah jadwal kuliah. tanyakan saja pada okkychan, yg dengan rutin setiap sore atau malam hari pasti usi tanyain, “ky, FAC besok jam berapa?” or, “ky, MA jam 7 kan?” i dont know why i cant remember it, the class and its hour just cant stick in my head.

7. notebooks

i LOVE notebooks. big ones, small ones, preferably ones that are thin but have really big spirals. i dont know why, but i sort of blame this tv show that my sister and i used to watch when we were in Ames, it was called The Big Comfy Couch, and the main star of the show would write clues in a tiny notebook with HUGE rings. i guess it got me obsessed. sekarang, untuk melihat hasil obsesi usi pada notebook, lihat saja lemari buku dan lemari meja belajar, buku2 tulis (yang belum dipake) dengan beraneka ragam sampul dan ukuran, berjejeran kayak mw jualan.

8. laptop trauma

if i bring a laptop with me, you will see me dragging it around with me, everywhere i go, all day. klo pun berat, charger atau batere nya usi simpan dulu di tempat yang aman, tapi laptop nya tetep digendong ksana kemari. ini karena dulu pernah ada kejadian ga menyenangkan, dimana usi cukup BODOH menyimpan laptop di mobil, di kursi shotgun pula (bagi yg blum tau, itu kursi disebelah kursi pengemudi) dan meninggalkan mobil to have lunch). tentulah org yang ga kuat nahan napsu, langsung memecahkan kaca jendela dan whooosh! my laptop is gone. nah semenjak itu, usi trauma meninggalkan apapun di mobil dan markir mobil di tempat yang ga ada penjaganya. a big no-no.

9. flip handphones

i really really like clam-shell handphones, the ones you have to flip open. dunno why. mungkin karena kebanyakan nonton film barat atau dorama or whatever yang orang2nya banyak yang pake hape flip. if u’ve noticed, hape usi dua2nya (yang satu Halo yang satu Flexi) model flip, walopun yang hape GSM sudah selayaknya pensiun karena udah lumayan butut tapi ga sampe ati soalnya udah terlanjur pewe dan melekat di hati. bagi usi, lebih berseni dan kerasa pake hape-nya klo pake yang model flip, daripada bentuk candybar biasa. hmmm what do you think?

10. noisy = annoying

i get really annoyed at people who chew loudly. maybe they themselves cant hear it, tapi bagi usi suara orang yang ngunyah berisik itu lumayan mengganggu sampe pengen nutup kuping rasanya. i was brought up to think that food should not be seen nor heard jadi agak lumayan ngeselin dengerin suara orang ngecap kaya sapi. hehe maap ya klo ada yg ngerasa. ini ga ditujukan ke orang tertentu kok, just in general..

i guess that’s all. sayangnya, orang2 yang tadinya mw usi tag, udah terlanjur bikin. huhuu.. yasuw..

wai-fee or wai-fai?

so, a certain special someone once said, “actually, when people say wi-fi (pronounced wai-fai), its wrong. ur supposed to say it wi-fi (pronounced wai-fee, because it stands for wireless fidelity.”

followed by a bold statement, “all IF kids would know to pronounce it the right way. wai-fee” he said.

we said, okay okay, and since then started trying to pronounce it wai-fee.

however, on a certain day after playing soccer, we indeed tested his statement, with asking several reknowned IF students, how do u pronounce this? (while pointing to the writing of wi-fi)

exhibit A: masterkebo: without guilt, said “wai-fai”

exhibit B: kazecul : also walking right into our trap, said : “wai-fai”

exhibit C: hidupseganmatitakmau : with a blank face said, “wai-fai”

exhibit D: gabisamakannasidanautis: “hihi, wai-fai”

So??? it has been proven, that indeed even people from that area of expertise, do pronounce it wai-fai.

Current Obsession Part. 3

Yeah. So. This week its…

1. Ringed notebooks.

Currently its the ones that have tear-away pages. I just realized that I have 6 of those, the ones that the pages can be torn away. I dont know, maybe its the same with lipgloss too. I can never have enough. I know that its unhealthy, but I cant help it. Same like Mom and her bags. Or tupperware. OMG im turning into my mom.

2. CF

I dont know why but im obsessed about understanding CF. Ever since the lecturer changed the teaching techniques, im determined not to let the past half-semester repeat itself. Ive gotta do it right this time.

3. Pet Society.

Cute little.. um, creatures. Shopping. Dressing up. Blame Okky. Enuff said.

4. Wi-Fi

I have internet at the kosan,  but somehow the thought of actually doing any assignments in my room, is just impossible. I cant do it. So, I gotta do what I gotta do, which is find internet connections elsewhere, anywhere. Anywhere except my room, that has a really comfy and luring bed, and Disney Channel.

5. Cupcakes


I really like the ones at Cupery, near Public Affair.

Cant wait for Sunday!!

yaaay ^^

The Most Creative Person In The World

In my opinion, one of the most creative people in the world is Paris Hilton.

Why, you say?

Im just stating facts here: Paris Hilton has no talent whatsoever. She cant sing. She’s not that pretty. She doesn’t have a bootylicious body either. But, to date, she makes an average of $7 million a year (not including from her Hilton will), she has produced 7 perfumes, several movies, a singing career (her second album will come out soon), a booming sex video, a reality TV show, a rockstar boyfriend, and worldwide fame.

How does she do it?

Well, I think that she became a household name since her booming video, One Night in Paris, that was allegedly distributed by her then-boyfriend Rick Solomon. After that, her career and fame rocketed like a fourth-of-july fireworks display, spreading to all possible subjects of the entertainment business.

She accepted an offer to record an album, and a reality TV show, “The Simple Life” an ironic statement considering the main stars of the show was Paris Hilton, and daughter of legendary singer Lionel Richie, Nicole Ritchie, both girls notoriously known for their wild partying, revealing fashion, and unorthodox behavior. However, the show was a hit, and summoned a legion of fans.

So, who’s to say that you can only work with what you have? You gotta do that and more to live the life of a Paris Hilton.

My Favourite Weather

It’s drizzling outside. I can hear the soft pitter-patter of raindrops as they hit the road below and the roof of the satpam post. i open my balcony door, one is wide open. The cold cool air swishes in, but im safe in a pile of blankeys on my bed, the internet cable from my desk is pulled to its maximum length so i can use the internet even when im on the bed (true, someone could be unaware and walk past my desk and pull the cord, but i put a chair in there so they can see the cable). i have a cup of hot chocolate (cadbury, 3 in 1) in my hand, i used the green plastic cup, the same cup that was used last night, only i fell asleep so i didnt drink the hot chocolate when it was still warm.

It’s getting a little cooler, my feet are cold. Im pulling the blankey up to my chin.


Nitey nite.

I Believe In Harvey Dent!

i recently looked back on the past movies that i watched, and remembered about the dark knight.

now, what was so special about the dark knight, that it broke 7 records of movie box-office history and up heaved The Godfather off its lofty pedestal of the number 1 movie voted by the users at IMDB (

Im not sure whether it was the superb effects, or the chilling performance of a late and beloved actor, or because of its massive advertising campaign.

But I did stumble upon a unique advertising that it has, and is still up and running to this day. It is the website, a website made for campaigning the fictional district attorney of Gotham.

The squeaky-clean version is the one above, showing the handsome Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent, the white knight of Gotham City, hunting down bad guys and purging the city of evil.

This is the creepy version, where the face of Harvey Dent is scrawled with the typical face attributes of The Joker, the black eye liner and overly wide lipstick shaped like a smile.

That is so creepy.

I think this website is really cool, because it is as if the campaign of Harvey Dent is real. You can even download the banner and wallpaper and print it so you can hang it up somewhere and show your support.