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Wish List

I’m watching Big Bang Theory. Its HILARIOUS. Its about the two nerds, Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hoffstaeder, who are really kooky, and the story starts when a pretty blond named Penny who works as a waitress in a coffee shop nearby (the Cupcake Factory) moves in the apartment next to theirs. Its really funny when they start to highlight the differences between Leonard and Sheldon, and Penny. Penny is really outgoing and normal, and Leonard and Sheldon are really geeky. They like playing laser-tag spy lunch (where they put up lasers like those spies when they’re stealing an important government gadget) and they have to avoid the lasers to get to a box of pizza on the other side of the lasers. They speak very eleqountly and its really funny. I can’t describe it. You just have to watch it for yourself.
My favorite part is when Sheldon Cooper is folding clothes. He uses a board!

And I’m also really interested in Sheldon’s t-shirts. They’re all so comic-ish and colourful and pop-art. I looked up his t-shirts online and there is actually a website (http://www.sheldonshirts.com/sheldon2.html)that you can buy it from! One of the items on the website was this really cute hoodie.

I am officially in love with it.